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When I first started as a Journalist with the Wet Mountain Tribune, I explained to then editor Jim Little that I did not watch the news, read the news, or listen to the news. I felt I needed to be honest with the man that I was not a news junkie. He said “You read the Tribune right?” I answered yes and explained that local news was the only thing that was important to my day-to-day, I had found the job opening in the classifieds of the Tribune after all. “Great,” Little said, “you can only write about it if it has a local hook.” We only write when it is of importance to the local community and this single guiding principle has allowed us to create a unique newspaper for the people in and around the Wet Mountain Valley. So we encourage you to subscribe to the Wet Mountain Tribune Newspaper and enjoy the most relaxing way to stay informed on this beautiful community. The newspaper will arrive in local Custer and Fremont mail boxes Thursday morning, and within a few days for those outside of the county.


Custer and Fremont Counties: $38 per year Outside of the above: $48 E-Edition: $32 To subscribe click on the subscribe button on the home page or call us at 719-783-2361. To subscribe to the E-Edition click on the link here

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