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Dive in with Aquaman this weekend at the Jones

This writer’s spouse claims that Jason Momoa, leading actor for the historic Jones Theater movie this weekend, is “wicked cute.” That is one of the many accolades viewers give Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom; others include the joy of remembering comics from one’s youth, and praise for stunning visual effects—to be expected of course when in the deeps of the sea in the kingdom of Atlantis. But back to the male hunk observation: Sarah Vincent, a UK film critic, uses the phrase “himbo factor” in commenting favorably on the film.

True fan viewers are themselves deeply immersed—that its probably an intended pun—in the DC comic universe, and follow these releases with apparent intensity. Not being sure how many Valley film goers fall into that category, let’s just stay with the matters general audiences seem to care about.

The two hour and four minute PG-13 film was released for the recently passed holidays and apparently is DC’s last installment, under the current and out-going management, in competition with Marvel comics films. Audiences, and theme park visitors as well, will decide the victor, if any, in that Watch Me! Watch Me! money game; what we do on Main Street USA, Westcliffe may not have any impact on the larger commercial factors in the cinema biz.

What we can do of a winter’s eve or afternoon is settle into a fantasy tale that has all the dynamics we require for a Jones Theater movie escape: a malevolent, threatening character (in this case, Black Mantra, who, in taking down Atlantis, will have the power to take down the world); family conflicts, traditions, and legacies; adding to the good guys’ team a questionably trustworthy quasi-villain; and a great scripting and filming mix of suspense, comedy, and drama.

So swim on down to the historic Jones tomorrow or Saturday at 7 p.m., or Sunday, January 28 at 2 p.m. for a pleasurable fantasy view of the latest Aquaman adventure; the doors open a half hour before screening time. At prices even Black Mantra would shake his trident at, you won’t be soaked…and you, the family, and the kiddos will have a popcorn-good time right here in beautiful downtown Westcliffe.

– W.A. Ewing

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