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Eagles Summit Ranch continues faith-based ministry for veterans

Orginally published on Thursday, January 11, 2024

Valley residents, old and new, as well as visitors, know that this very special place is home to any number of unique enterprises, services, and friendly neighbors. One of those special places is Boneyard Gulch’s Eagles Summit Ranch, and two of those friendly neighbors are the Ranch’s new managers, Rusty and Tish Foley.

The absolutely stunning facility is an outreach ministry of the Roever Foundation, best known for its mission to “create pathways for those who feel lost and hopeless to find their way home; to discover it is possible to live a fulfilling life, leaving the struggles of the past in the rearview mirror.” Founder Dave Roever, who established Eagles Summit here in 2007, has found staff, including himself, programs, and services pursuing this mission with wounded warriors, veteran couples, veteran families, military spouses, clergy, and first responders.

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When the Tribune visited with the Foley’s at Eagles Summit right after the New Year, they were enjoying a rare and brief respite from the very active engagement they enjoy with these service programs. In a few weeks, a full round of gatherings there will include healing retreats for couples, military spouses (Abide), and first responders (ATA—After the Alarm). The various retreats run either from Monday through Friday, or Wednesday through Saturday. Full capacity at the Ranch is about 40, but the gatherings are usually smaller and quite intimate.

Rusty spontaneously exclaimed, “We love what we’re doing here!” while describing the retreat programs looming ahead in 2024. He and Tish arrived here last August, having been recruited by Dave Roever for the position after serving with him in the Foundation’s Texas facility for a time. A retired—well, hardly!—Assembly of God pastor, Rusty is happily familiar with living and serving in a rather remote rural area. He and Tish have experienced similar ministry settings in rural Texas and Mississippi. Their connection with Dave Roever goes well back into their previous situations as well; Dave’s brother Al was their pastor at one time. Dave, of course, comes to Eagles Summit here as often as he can, and is known by many locals for the good-hearted and giving servant that he is.

One of the features of the Ranch’s programs for veterans coming here for these services is that the Foundation covers all travel expenses, as well as their room and board while here.

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While of course immersed in the Roever Foundation’s faith-based ministries at Eagles Summit, the Foleys are also looking to opportunities for local community outreach. Both Tish and Rusty have been familiarizing themselves with people and organizations in the Valley, and ruminate about hosting individual, family, and community events at the Ranch in the months and years ahead. They noted, and the Tribune agrees, that the Ranch is an idyllic setting for concerts, seminars, clergy retreats, study groups, and other community events.

“We are always looking for volunteers, too,” Rusty told us. In overseeing the intense work and service that occurs at Eagles Summit, Rusty and Tish need volunteers to assist with airport pick-up and delivery of program participants, and food and maintenance services—“Especially at quick turn-around times here!” Rusty noted. Interested folk can reach them at 730-334-1513, and by email at rusty@daveroever. org.

Rusty also looks beyond serving at the Ranch to serving in the local community. He is hoping to receive speaking invitations from local service organizations and churches; use the same contact information listed above to reach him.

A visit to is very informative in regards to the history, programs, mission, and vision of the Foundation’s ministry. One can also donate to the services through the site as well. Downloading the Foundation brochure from the site tells it all. But nothing matches being on the real site; Eagles Summit, 150 acres of meadow and mountain, is a place where guests find “peace, healing, and themselves.”

The Tribune not only welcomes our new neighbors, Rusty and Tish Foley, but wishes them well in the unique services they provide “to the wounded returning home,” to health and to overcoming adversity, tragedy, and suffering within the calm of the Valley.

– W.A. Ewing

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