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New mural designed to greet thousands at 96 and 69

Salida native has painted his way across the United States and “Westcliffe” is his first in the Valley

Salida native, David Larcom stopped in Westcliffe this past weekend to do what he loves, painting walls. Larcom was commissioned by Antler’s Motel and Liquor for a new mural on it’s adobe side that spells out “Westcliffe” a painting everyone will see by sheer proximity.

Painting for 50 of his 60 something years, David started his mural work by cold calling businesses as he traveled across the nation, moving as fast as his paint would dry. With no prior arrangements, he would travel to a new small town and ask a business owner if they had a wall to paint. He made it all the way to Myrtle Beach painting like that. He’s been to all fifty states, even if he doesn’t have a mural in all of them. “Not a lot of good walls for painting around here.” He replies when asked if he is doing any other work while in the Valley.

In his experience, corrugated steel walls don’t hold the paint, and the texture ruins a painting. But at least Antler’s has a new unique attraction for the many.

The mural is located on Antlers Liquor Store, on the corner of Highway 69 and 96, one of the most traveled corners in the county. Larcom’s murals are in abundance in neighboring Salida as there must be many more walls that are good for painting.
Zakk Byers

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