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4/20/2017 Westcliffe’s Street Project
Westcliffe’s Street Project If all the various puzzle-pieces fall into place, work is expected to get underway in early June on a major upgrade and repair project along Main Street and Rosita Avenue in Westcliffe. The million-dollar-plus project is being funded primarily through federal highway dollars. The town and state will kick-in about $200,000. This will be the biggest transportation infrastructure project in Westcliffe in decades. In fact, no one can remember a project of this scale. Basically, curbs and gutters will be repaired or replaced along Main Street from near The Bluff to Seventh Street by the school, and along Rosita Avenue from Second Street to Sixth Street. Where needed, new sidewalks will be installed, and, perhaps most importantly, the long-standing drainage and runoff problems will be ameliorated. Neither the Main nor Rosita thoroughfares will be widened. Some trees will be lost along Rosita Avenue, but that’s to accommodate the new curbs, gutters and sidewalks. In addition to the new or improved sidewalks, period lighting will be installed along the 300 and 400 blocks of Main to link-up to the new lighting installed several months ago in the 500 and 600 blocks. The final public meeting on the project will be held next Tuesday. Bids have been advertised, and a walk-through for potential bidders will also be held on Tuesday. There has been some grumbling about the project – when isn’t there? – but once completed, the project should be a fine addition to our county seat.