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4/20/2017 Joe and Anna Orgeron to be honored at farewell reception
The community has a variety of ways to acknowledge and honor exemplary citizens, those who have contributed “above and beyond” to the wellbeing and vitality of our common, intertwined lives. The Custer County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) has taken upon itself to do precisely that, in declaring Saturday, April 29 as “Anna Orgeron Day.” That very day, Joe and Anna are being feted by Friends of the Orgeron’s at a noon to 3 p.m. reception and farewell event at the Saddle Club building. The Orgeron’s are sadly leaving the Valley for lower climes; the community that has benefited so much from Anna’s gifts and giving is invited to come for a sharing time of saying good-byes and bearing good wishes. The BOCC action was taken in regular meeting April 5. The official, signed “Proclamation” cites these services to the county from Anna in the “whereas’s:” •Re-chartering American Legion Post 170 •Providing the Post her time and energy as Adjutant, finance officer, service officer, Honor Guard member, children and youth chair, newsletter editor, and secretary, treasurer and webmaster for the Post’s Auxiliary Unit •Serving as the county’s Veterans Service Officer, and functioning as the Administrator of the Veterans Trust Fund •Co-chairing the local 2009 “Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home” event •Contributing to the county as Parade Chairperson, and member of the High Altitude Garden Club, Search and Rescue, Chamber of Commerce, and 4-H The “Now Therefore” of the formal proclamation reads, “Custer County, Colorado hereby recognizes Anna Orgeron and thanks her for her many years of dedicated service to the Custer County community and Custer County Veterans and declares April 29, 2017 to be ‘Anna Orgeron Day.’” The community can enjoy a last and caring exchange with Anna on her very own official day, at the feting at the Saddle Club. For one who gave so much, the county formally thanks her, and her friends gather round to celebrate her life amongst us, and to bless the road ahead. – W.A. Ewing