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2/16/2017 Bumpy Road
Bumpy Road Thereís something unseemly in the way the county commissioners recently reshuffled the leadership of our county road and bridge department. Out of nowhere, the commissioners last week selected a new hire, Gary Hyde, to serve as supervisor of the road and bridge department, which has approximately 15 employees and tends to some 350 miles of county roads. By all accounts, Hydeís a nice fellow who brought plenty of skills to the job from Kansas when he was hired as a road warrior six months ago. When approached earlier this week, he declined to be interviewed. For the past several months, long-time R&B worker Roger Squire served as assistant supervisor. Rusty Christensen held the supervisorís title, though he shared duties with Squire until Christensen returned full-time to the county landfill last month. Squire has been an employee of Road and Bridge for more than four decades. He probably knows the county road system better than anyone in our county. According to county officials, heís never been reprimanded, and we have yet to find someone who can criticize him or his abilities. Then why wasnít he at least given the courtesy of an interview when the commissioners went through their selection process last week? This week, the Trib asked all three commissioners to respond to questions about this situation. Dead silence from all three. But we understand that thereís been bad blood between Squire and commissioner Bob Kattnig for some time. We hope that didnít play into the equation. The newly anointed county commissioners seem to have taken on a Trump-like imperialistic method of governance in their first month in office. This latest episode does little to dissuade that argument.