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2/16/2017 Nonprofit reps to be awarded Spirit donations
Representatives of local nonprofit organizations will gather next week when funds raised through the 2016 Community Spirit Campaign will be distributed to the organizations. A total of 68 nonprofits will receive a share of the $354,255.62 raised during the 13th annual Spirit Campaign which is sponsored by the Wet Mountain Valley Community Foundation. The event will be held next Friday, Feb. 24, at 1 p.m. in the community room at Cliff Lanes in Westcliffe. The 2016 fundraiser, which ran from mid-November through December 31, saw nearly 700 donors contribute nearly $304,000. Those donations were then matched with approximately $51,000 in matching funds. Donors contribute funds in any amount, and designate one or more local nonprofits to receive those funds. Nearly every nonprofit organization in Custer County holding formal 501c3 nonprofit status will receive some level of funding. A complete list of the nonprofits and the amounts they are scheduled to receive appeared in the Jan. 19 edition of the Tribune.