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2/16/2017 Asst. Road Boss Squire left in dust in shake-up
Last Wednesday The Custer County Commissioners hired Equipment Operator Gary Hyde as Supervisor for the road and bridge department, passing over current Assistant Supervisor Roger Squire. Not only was Squire passed over for promotion but the commissioners refused to interview Squire and have given no explanations for their decision. I have worked for road and bridge for 42 years and two months, stated Squire during an interview with the Tribune. I have run road and bridge for years. When asked why he was not given an interview, I do not know, its not the first time a board of commissioners has not given me the job. Why did the commissioners decide to start a hiring process for a new supervisor? In January, Rusty Christensen stepped down as Road and Bridge Supervisor to focus on managing the landfill. This left an opening for the position that was filled only using workers currently working for the Road and Bridge Department. According to Squire, six people applied and three received interviews. However, Squires troubles may not be over. The commissioners are currently seeking applications within Road and Bridge for Assistant Road Boss which is the title that Squire currently holds. The Commissioners have not responded to inquiries if they plan on conducting a second round of interviews for Assistant Road Boss or if Squire will receive an interview. -Jordan Hedberg