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1/30/2014 Spirit Campaign to distribute $261,000 to non-profits

                                           71 local charities to receive checks from tenth annual campaign
Seventy-one local non-profit organizations will be sharing more than $261,000, thanks to the generosity of donors who contributed to the 2013 Community Spirit Campaign, sponsored by the Wet Mountain Valley Community Foundation.
This tenth annual campaign raised $261,818.01, approximately three percent more than last year’s campaign which distributed some $254,000 to local non-profits. Since the campaign’s inception, and including this most current campaign, some $2 million has been shared by virtually every non-profit organization headquartered in Custer County or providing direct services to residents and visitors here.
Here are some facts about this most current Spirit Campaign:
--Total number of donors: 667 (From Custer County, throughout Colorado, several other states, and a number of foreign countries)
–Non-profits named as recipients: 71
–Smallest donation: $5
–Largest donation: $11,000
–Average donation: $313
–Median donation: $100
–Matching percentage: Approx. 30.4%
For the first time, credit card donations were being accepted for the 2013 campaign, but a glitch in the final days of the fund-raiser resulted in some credit card donations not to be recorded properly. As a result, the Community Foundation decided to extend the campaign until Jan. 21 to give donors another opportunity to contribute.
But the credit card glitch turned out to be rather insignificant. Fewer than ten credit card donations were recorded throughout the campaign, which ran from Nov. 21 through Dec. 31, until the January extension was put into place.
While donations typically come in even after the campaign deadline, here’s the most current breakdown:
--A total of $212,177.41 was contributed by families and individuals, who earmarked which local charities would receive the donated funds.
--The Community Foundation set aside $25,000 to be used to match those individual contributions. In addition, long-time partner, the Anschutz Foundation of Denver, donated an additional $10,000 for matching purposes. Individual donors contributed a total of $14,640.60 to the matching fund, resulting in a combined matching fund of $49,640.60.
As in recent years, the top recipients are the San Isabel Land Protection Trust (more than $30,000), the Wet Mountain Fire Protection District (more than $20,000) and Custer Search and Rescue (more than $17,000).
Other key recipients, each receiving $10,000 or more, are Custer 2020/Club America, the Lighthouse Helpline and Pregnancy Center, the Westcliffe Center for the Performing Arts, and the Community Clinic in Westcliffe.
Checks will be mailed to the 71 non-profit organizations in early February.
For more information about the Campaign or the Community Foundation, visit the foundation’s website at www.wmvcf.org, or contact any of the foundation board members: Vic Barnes, Butch Gemin, Don Hopkins, Don Kaufman, Jim Little, Arlie Riggs or Randy Rusk.
Here’s the list of the various non-profit organizations, and the amount to be distributed to each:
All Aboard Westcliffe, $5,497.70
American Legion Post 170 Boys State, $937.12
Animal Advocates, $745.23
Custer County Lions of the Sangres, $976.16
CART, $1,112.83
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), $130.16
Cross D Bar Recreation Foundation, $3,937.20
Custer County 20/20 and Club America, $11,086.13
Custer County 4H Foundation, $582.07
Custer County Affordable Housing, $32.54
Custer County Ambulance Corps, $7,584.96
Custer County Cares About Cancer, $558.64
Custer County Community Sharing Center, $8,420.48
Custer County Conservation District, $429.99
Custer County Genealogical and Historical Society, $247.30
Custer County Medical Foundation, $325.39
Ben Kettle Scholarship Fund (Check to Custer County Medical Foundation), $195.23
Custer County Schools, $32.54
Custer County Search & Rescue, $17,589.37
Custer County Senior Center, $1,281.74
Custer County Sheriff’s Department, $878.69
Custer County Transitions, $143.17
Dark Skies, Inc., $5,120.68
Dundee Memorial Park, $3,378.60
Eagle Summit Ranch, $715.85
Excellence in Education, $9,550.93
Fremont/Custer County Historical Society, $26.03
FFA, $104.12
Friends of the Beckwith Ranch, $4,640.12
Friends of the West Custer County Library, $3,017.81
Geyser Gateway Rest Area, $325.39
Habitat for Humanity (Custer County), $65.08
High Altitude Garden Club, $1,008.70
High Country Recycling (Check to Sustainable Ways), $941.86
High Mountain Hay Fever Festival Association, $1,729.45
Historic Willows School Society, $1,906.73
In Concert, $7,984.54
KWMV Radio, $9,299.01
Lighthouse Helpline and Pregnancy Center, $10,323.76
Mission Wolf, $3,944.43
Operation Uplift, $1,514.25
Outdoor Buddies, $3,886.02
Paca Peace Ranch, $7,191.52
Pawsitive Reaction, $602.45
Pet Project WMV, $1,224.72
San Isabel Land Protection Trust, $30,154.82
Sangre De Cristo Hospice, $2,626.93
Sangre De Cristo Volunteers for Change, $97.62
Sangres Art Guild, $1,516.31
Silver Cliff Museum, $2,426.46
Southern Colorado Space Museum, $725.10
Sustainable Ways, $1,757.22
The Bluff, $2,456.13
The Ranch of Hope, $8,277.38
Town of Westcliffe, $26.03
Valley Assisted Living, Inc., $7,812.96
Valley Parks & Recreation Youth Center, $477.39
West Custer County Library District, $3,026.98
Westcliffe Center for the Performing Arts, $11,214.54
Wet Mountain Fire Protection District, $20,557.81
Wet Mountain Valley Community Service, Inc (Rotary Van), $1,135.51
Wet Mountain Valley Rotary Foundation, $3,156.36
Wet Mountain Valley Saddle Club, $312.37
Wet Mountain Wildlife Rehab Center, $2,279.39
Wet Mountain Valley Community Clinic, $10,763.44
Wetmore Community Library, $4,021.06
Wetmore Historical Society, $286.34
Wetmore Volunteer Fire Department, $5,483.15