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11/21/2013 A Tenth Year of Generosity


Today marks the starting day of the tenth annual Community Spirit matching fund campaign sponsored by the Wet Mountain Valley Community Foundation. If the previous campaigns are any indication, the generosity of Valley residents and visitors will once again be demonstrated.


A story elsewhere in this week’s Tribune spells out the details: folks contribute funds to any of the 60-plus eligible non-profit organizations through the Community Foundation which then adds additional matching funds to those contributions.

It’s about as egalitarian a process as there can be.

As reported in last week’s annual report and non-profit guide produced by the Community Foundation, since the Spirit Campaign’s inception, around $1.7 million has been distributed among virtually every local non-profit organization in Custer County.


Colorado has numerous community foundations, ranging from the huge Denver Foundation to similar successful ventures, notably in the state’s resort and ski communities. But on a per capita basis – remember, our year-round population is barely 4,000 – ours is about as successful as any. In fact, a recent regional study by the El Pomar Foundation in Colorado Springs ranks the Wet Mountain Valley Community Foundation as the second largest philanthropic donor in the four-county area of Chaffee, Fremont, Park and Custer counties, second only to El Pomar itself.


If you have the financial ability this holiday season, please take this opportunity to make our great little community even better. Some folks give as little as one dollar, others several thousand dollars. But each and every penny helps strengthen our impressive and hard-working non-profit organizations.