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11/21/2013 Educational liaison: Former principal to serve as community link

Retired school principal Marlys Hartbauer has been selected to serve as a liaison between the local C-1 school district, the Colorado Department of Education, and the Colorado Legacy Foundation in order to further the success of students.

The Colorado Department of Education is the administrative sector of the State Board of Education. It provides leadership, resources, support, and accountability to the state’s 178 school districts, as well as many other education entities, to ensure the success of students.

The Colorado Legacy Foundation is an independent nonprofit established in 2007; its mission and focus is to align with and support CDE in specific initiatives designed to improve student outcomes.

Its current focus is the Integration Liaisons Project with the vision of 1) fostering a professional community of peers, 2) enhancing the knowledge-base of cohort members, and 3) maximizing the leadership of the liaisons who will assist in the implementation of the educator evaluation system (SB191) and the Colorado Academic Standards.

When Hartbauer retired as elementary principal from Custer County Schools, she agreed to be the liaison between these two combined organizations and the local school district. The liaison position and activities are funded through a CLF grant awarded to Custer County School in the spring of 2013.

In June, Hartbauer attended the initial networking in Durango where the collaborators and expectations were established, after which she has participated in monthly webinars. Most recently she attended three days of training in Estes Park. The first day of training was setting the stage for the individual liaisons representing their specific schools and districts being able to work together for the same goal. The final day of training established that although every person there was representing their own schools’ and districts’ perspective, the ultimate goal remained the same – the success of Colorado students. As her role continues, she will be communicating with the public about the work CDE and CLF are doing to achieve this goal through the use of standards, assessments, and evaluations.