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10/24/2013 196 properties on county’s annual delinquent tax list

That number is down 20 percent from last year; sale set for Friday, Nov. 22

The Custer County Tax Lien Sale is not until November 22, but the notices are being released starting today, Thursday, October 24.

"Those who haven’t paid their taxes are being notified," said Treasurer Virginia Trujillo. "You have until November 21 to pay, and not a day later, if you want to keep your land."

Properties will go for sale in the courtroom in the Custer County Courthouse the Friday before Thanksgiving, Nov. 22.

The Wet Mountain Tribune will publish the delinquent tax payer properties again on October 31 and November 7.

To bid on listed properties, you or someone in your stead must be present. The tax lien is, by law, a public auction.

One-hundred ninety-six properties are scheduled for the auction block this year to redeem back taxes and fees. The unpaid property taxes and fees for this year’s sale totals $79,022.90.

Last year, there were 250 properties deemed delinquent, with 176 ultimately making their way to the auction block. The actual amount of taxes redeemed was $59,423.19.

People may register for the auction before, or on the morning of the sale. A bidder registration number will then be given. That number will become the individual’s permanent registration. All certificates will be written in the registered name. If your address changes, it is your responsibility to notify the Treasurer’s Office.

Bidding will begin with the amount of taxes, interest and advertising as given in the publication of sale, which includes a $4 Certificate of Purchase fee. Any bid above this amount is considered to be a premium bid. This amount is not returned if the property is redeemed.

Personal checks are accepted. It is requested that bidder’s speak clearly and show the registration number when bidding.

If the property is redeemed, the individual who purchased it will receive an interest rate of nine points above the National bank discount rate as of September 1 of the year sale. This year, the interest rate is 10 percent.

If the property has not been redeemed within three years from the date of the Tax Lien Sale, a Treasurer’s Deed may be issued.

For more information, or to register for the auction, contact Trujillo at 783-2341.