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6/7/2018 MADD salutes local deputies
The annual Colorado Mothers Against Drunk Drivers Awards Banquet in Denver on Wednesday, May 30 was the occasion for honoring two Custer County Sheriff’s Deputies. Kendall Zoss and Eric Dunstan received a team award in recognition of their combined efforts in motorist arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Between them, Deputies Zoss and Dunstan made 31 arrests of impaired drivers in 2017. That number, in relation to county per capita percentages, was one of the highest in the state. The Sheriff’s Office praised the deputies for their tenacity and dedication to enforcing impaired driving laws, thus enhancing safety on our county roads. Undersheriff Chris Barr’s public statement about the MADD awards concludes with the proclamation that the Sheriff’s Office “could not be prouder of Zoss and Dunston and their commitment to our community.”