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6/7/2018 Primary ballots mailed
The Colorado primaries are a mere few weeks away and our local Custer County Clerk’s office is hard at work getting ready for the big day. Kelley Camper, Custer Clerk reported that 3,570 ballots were mailed out to registered voters last Monday, June 4. Of those ballots, 2,161 were registered republicans, 520 were democrats, and 843 were registered as unaffiliated. They sent 46 overseas ballots which figures into the 3,570 total ballots mailed. As the Tribune reported a few weeks ago, unaffiliated voters will receive a packet with both Republican and Democrat ballots. Those voters can choose to vote on ONE of the two ballots. If both are voted on, neither one will “count.” Locally, the only contested race is for coroner. Long-time coroner and incumbent, Art Nordyke is running for re-election, and deputy coroner, Brad Baltzly is making a run. Both candidates are on the Republican ballot. Republican voters and those unaffiliated that choose to vote that ballot, can give their vote of confidence to return Bill Canda for District one Commissioner, Virginia Trujillo for Custer County Treasurer, Kelley Camper for Clerk and Recorder, J.D. Henrich County Assessor, and Sheriff Shannon Byerly, to their posts. There are also a long host of candidates running on the ballot, statewide. This year, the primary is held on Tuesday, June 26. All ballots and their signed envelopes need to be turned in to the Clerk’s office located in the Custer County Courthouse before 7 p.m. on June 26. – Tracy Ballard