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5/17/2018 Peaks of the Past
(Information was gleaned from copies of the Wet Mountain Tribune, all from the third week in May.) 100 Years Ago – 1918 The next draft calls eleven men from Custer County for the National Army. They will leave on or immediately following May 25. Following is the list called: H.R. Henning, John L. Byrne, Gustave Koch, F.A. Koch, Philip Willschau, Ray Hunt, Frantz Lange, Charley Painter, Charles Edwards, Louis Reuker, Herman A. Knuth. The First Annual Meeting of the Fremont and Custer County Cattle Growers’ Assn. will be held on Saturday, June 1, at the Ray-Cusack Hall here. New members will be enrolled and other business transacted in the interest of the Live Stock business. By way of diversion a big dance will be given on that evening. Good music and a jolly good time is assured. E.W. Riggs, deputy U.S. internal revenue collector, was here a few days this week to give those who had not done so before one more chance to make their income tax returns. Returns should have been made by April 1 but this last opportunity was given in order that there will be no more excuse for delays. Sam Pepper is this week shipping nineteen carloads of cattle from this valley to Routt County where they will be grazed the coming season. Saturday at 2 p.m., Westcliffe will go down in history. A big Red Cross parade will move through the streets going up to Silver Cliff and return. Silver Cliff and Westcliffe will each have a float. The business men will fix up their wagons and participate. Numerous attractions are awaiting the immense crowd expected. Young men, come on horseback; boys, bring in your donkeys; auto owners, please decorate your autos with flags, bunting and Red Cross emblems. Miss Viola Ivey, who has been attending business college in Canon City, from which institution she has graduated, returned home Wednesday. Thos. C. Balman and son Thos. D. were up from Hillside Wednesday in their new car. 50 Years Ago – 1968 Commencement exercises for members of the senior class of Custer County high school for 1968 will be held Wednesday, May 29, in the school gymnasium. Graduation exercises will be held at the same time for members of the 8th grade class. Charles Blodgett, superintendent of schools, announced there would be co-valedictorians for this year’s senior class. They are Lois Godbersen and Linda Kleine. Bill Canda is the salutatorian. Other members of the senior class are: Myrtle Berry, Don Blei, Dorothy Borges, Robert Chadwick, Ken Davis, Leslie Engelman, Vickie Kastendieck, Margaret Lewis, Steve Schlosser, Claricy Schulze, Janie Seifert, Mike Tihonovich and Ron Wamboldt. Those graduating from the 8th grade class are: Bruce Baker, Robert Berry, Susan Borges, Cindy Camper, Rodney Camper, Mike Coleman, Mary Lou Copeland, Charles Garner, Lynnette Godbersen, Willene Henrich, Mike Kastendieck, David Kattnig, Beverlee Kness, Gerald Koch, Bill Peggram, Marilyn Reis, Susan Rusk, John Schneider, Cindy Schulze, Bonnie Seifert, Gary Tomsick, Christal Vickerman, Julie Vickerman and Kristi Woodham. 25 Years Ago – 1993 This Saturday, May 22, 19 Custer County High School graduates will be honored at the commencement ceremony at the school gym. School principal Gary Frickell will introduce Valedictorian Lisa Rusk, Salutatorian Tracy Bernstein, senior class president Brad Butler, and commencement speaker, professor Duane Vandenbusch of Western State College at Gunnison. Other members of the graduating class are Jody Fassbinder, Carlan Cardenas, April Squire, Molly Aldrich, Jera Armstrong, Tracey Browning, Cody Clayton, Eric Dunlap, Crystal Kantjas, Jason Landson, Tess Martin, Delphine Mayen, Beau Pearl, Clint Reisch, Steve Rorick and Marcela Lau. It could not have been ironic if planned: in the midst of a fact-finding meeting on Thursday between members of the Custer County Action Assn. and the Colorado Governor’s Office regarding Colorado’s Air Space Initiative, two F-16 fighter jets roared over Westcliffe, disrupting the meeting. Bet Kettle, who knows about such things, was happy to see the heavy rains here this past weekend. As for its impact on the Valley’s hay crop, she was probably right in calling it a million dollar rain. A jury trial got underway here on Tuesday in the case of a 32-year-old Colorado City Baptist minister who has been charged with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl at the Davenport Campground in eastern Custer County. District Judge John Anderson is presiding. 10 Years Ago – 2008 A controlled burn is believed to have sparked a blaze Monday that burned some 250 acres of public land in the Copper Gulch area in Fremont County, and a man is in custody on charges related to the blaze. Five homes were evacuated though none was damaged. The unidentified man was arrested for burning weeds on his property while a fire ban was in place. Colorado State Parks has made a $42,000 grant to Silver Cliff to help build the long-planned park-to-park trail between the Silver Cliff and Westcliffe town parks. The Silver Cliff town board received information last week that the Dollar Store chain may be building a retail outlet in the town. The national chain has purchased a one and a half acre parcel along Highway 96 across from VALI Assisted Living where the store may be built. 5 Years Ago – 2013 Several officials with the Colorado Department of Transportation met Wednesday with the Westcliffe town board to plan improvements to the intersection of Third and Main – Highways 96 and 69 – in downtown Westcliffe. CDOT plans to make the intersection a four-way stop for motorists; currently the intersection is a three-way stop. Also, corners will be modified to allow for a wider turn radius for vehicles; as a result existing parking spots will be eliminated. The project, which will be paid for entirely by the state, is expected to cost about $346,000. The C-1 board of education has announced the hiring of new elementary school principal Holly Anderson who has more than 30 years’ experience in public education. Anderson will replace Marlys Hartbauer who has announced her retirement. Hair stylist Laura Varone has joined the staff at The Hair Experts in Westcliffe. Varone has 30 year’s experience in the industry and comes to Westcliffe from Cowley, Wyo., where she owned and operated a salon for the past seven years. 1 Year Ago – 2017 “We dodged a bullet on this one.” Those are the sentiments of Cindy Howard, director of the Custer County Office of Emergency Management, regarding the heavy precipitation in the Wetmore area last week where flooding was expected from the burn scar from last year’s Junkins Park fire. The National Weather Service said nearly 4.5 inches of rain fell in a 24-hour period in the North Creek and South Hardscrabble regions. Fallen trees and other debris were expected to wash down Hardscrabble Creek, threatening roads and bridges in the Wetmore and Greenwood areas. The Rosita area also received heavy precipitation. Dale Mullen said he couldn’t make it up his steep driveway in his 4WD, and had to hoof his way home through the heavy snow. Rotary Foreign Exchange Student Alexia Stanciu of Romania will be heading home soon following her year spent here in Westcliffe. While she says she’s looking forward to seeing her family, she’ll miss travel in America, making new friends, and going four-wheeling.