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5/10/2018 Hospital board incumbents retain seats in 3-1 routing Tonsing, Virdin win in fire district balloting
Special District elections held last Tuesday, May 8 sent all four candidates up for reelection to the West Custer County Hospital District (WCCHD) back to the boardroom and two new members to the Fire District board. The four incumbents beat the five challengers by margins of about three to one. In a very contentious season leading up to the election, incumbents Bob Tobin, Janny Candelaria, Ann Evans, and Bob Weisenbach resoundingly retained their seats. Observers say voters sent a strong message to the “Patient’s First” team that they didn’t “buy” into the argument that the WCCHD was heading in the wrong direction. A call was placed to the spokesperson for the “Patient’s First” team, Ann Barthrop, but was not returned. Tobin stated, “We are pleased in the turnout. It showed that the community cared about its valued institutions.” Voters in the WMFPD sent a vote of confidence to former Fire Chief, Captain Dave Tonsing, and Scott Virden to serve on the board. Incumbent, Jim Lewis, and Jeremiah Coleman were defeated, but their efforts and service to the community as volunteer firefighters are greatly appreciated by all. According to hospital district election official Ron Terry, a total of about 920 votes were cast. Fire district official Teri Munson said 563 votes were cast in that election. The formal certification of the elections will take place on May 17 for the fire district and May 30 for the hospital district. The results of the balloting appear in the accompanying graph. --Tracy Ballard