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4/12/2018 Ready, Set, Go.
A nearly non-existent winter, Red Flag heavy winds and overall drought conditions have elevated the threat of wildfires here in Custer County and throughout the region. A story elsewhere in this week’s Tribune encourages residents to follow the mantra “Ready, Set, Go” to prepare for the potential of devastating fires. The Custer County Office of Emergency Management has a website that encourages property owners to plan for the upcoming fire season. With some urgency, residents are encouraged to eliminate or lessen fire hazards on their property and to have an emergency evacuation plan in place. Over the past decade, several massive wildfires here have burned thousands of acres of public and private lands, and destroyed dozens of homes and outbuildings. Fire officials here and throughout the state warn that the 2018 fire season could turn into one of the most destructive ever. Don’t wait to begin planning. The 2016 Junkins Fire flared up quickly and within 24 hours had burned tens of thousands of acres, destroyed a number of homes and caused millions of dollars in damage. Once the fire started, residents within its path had no time for planning, only escape. Begin planning evacuation plans now with your family. Work with neighbors on reducing fire loads. And be ready to leave your home on a moment’s notice. Visit the EOM website to learn more details. Wildfires may not be completely avoided. But their impact on our citizens can be reduced by careful – and immediate – planning.