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3/8/2018 Attorney opens offices in Westcliffe
For Wade Gateley, being a small-town attorney is the most satisfying part of his professional life and while he may be new to Custer County, Gateley brings 35 years of legal experience to the Valley. "A small town can be a hard place to break into, you have to prove yourself to the citizens that live there that you have something of value to offer." For Gateley, the value is obvious. Graduating with a law degree from the University of Denver he gained experience in large firms in Texas and downtown Denver. However, the big legal scene was not to his small town sensibilities. "My family and I lived in the Denver-Metro area and I was not really excited for my kids to grow up in a city environment, to attend big schools. I had an opportunity to move to Burlington, Colorado, a small town near the Kansas border, and I started a small town practice and worked that for 16 years." The rural life was both liberating and hard. “The country is agricultural and the need to keep the economy going was a constant struggle.” Gateley used his legal skills in a wide field selection of the law. He served as assistant county attorney, monitoring contracts of feedlots and private prisons. He set up wills and trusts, created contracts for farmers and landowners, and took criminal cases to court. Like many professionals in small communities, he had to wear a lot of hats to raise his family, and that wealth of experience is now available in Custer County. As a general practice attorney some of the services he provides are criminal and traffic defense, business leases and contracts, trusts, wills, and probate, along with farming and ranching law. “Being in a small town is right where I want to be,” he concluded.