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2/8/2018 ‘Cliffe trustees continue talks on town caboose
The Westcliffe town trustees met for a workshop on Tuesday, January 30, to mull what to do about the caboose and the town parking lot. According to trustee Jim Bistodeau, there isn’t a definite timeframe for the sale of the caboose, but it will likely be sooner rather than later. The alley around the caboose measures 20’ wide by 125’ long. According to the land use code, it is not a buildable area. Presently, there’s a patio but it isn’t in the way and is fine to stay. It was suggested that the town make it a “pocket park,” a small park, generally no larger than a ¼ an acre, used for people to gather, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. There was also discussion of putting in a public restroom. Last month, Teresa Katz approached the board and expressed interest in buying the property to install an oxygen bar and a zen garden. The caboose, located in the100 block of Main Street just west of the Jones Theater, was originally installed about 25 years ago and was used as a tourist information center by the Chamber of Commerce, but it hasn’t been utilized for several years. The trustees also addressed the growing issue of people parking in the parking lot on Rosita Avenue, across from All Aboard Westcliffe, long term. There isn’t any signage letting anyone know how long they can park there. After much discussion, the trustees decided that a sign needs to be put there letting people know that they can park there but at their own risk. The town of Westcliffe will not be responsible for any theft, vehicle damage, etc. Camping will not be allowed anytime. If anyone has questions, it’s always best to contact the Town of Westcliffe at 783-2282. – Tracy Ballard