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2/8/2018 Matt Camper advances to new position at CSU
Valley native Matt Camper has been named co-Assistant Dean of Teaching Practice and Academic Programs at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, where he serves as a senior teacher in the Department of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management. Camper’s scope of work will include coordinating curriculum development and new program development in the College of Agricultural Sciences, as well as assisting departments in adopting high impact teaching practices and evaluating teaching effectiveness. He will assist in championing an inclusive and affirming environment for CSU students especially as it relates to the classroom and curriculum. Camper will be working in the new position with Adriane “Addy” Elliott who is an instructor and key academic advisor in the university’s Department of Soil and Crop Sciences. Camper received a 2017 Best Teacher Award from the CSU Alumni Association, and he is recognized as an excellent instructor and advocate for high impact teaching practices. His effective outreach on all things entomological indicate an appreciation for service and lifelong learning. University officials say both Camper and Elliott are moving quickly into their new roles, while still fulfilling responsibilities in their respective departments. The full transition to their new half time appointments will take place during the semester and be completed by semester’s end. Camper is the son of Roger and Pam Camper of rural Westcliffe. He is the grandson of Paulie Canda of Silver Cliff.