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1/11/2018 Commissioners give legals to the Sentinel periodical
The Custer County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) met on Tuesday, January 9. One of the many items on the agenda was to name a newspaper of record for Custer County. Town Attorney Clint Smith opened the sealed bids submitted by both newspapers during the last meeting of the year, on December 29, 2017. Both the Wet Mountain Tribune and The Sangre de Cristo Sentinel submitted bids in a timely manner and came in under the limit allowed by state statutes. Commissioner Printz abstained from voting because he had previously acted on behalf of the Tribune. Both commissioners Canda and Flower voted to award the legal notices and newspaper of record designation to the Sangre de Cristo Sentinel. The Commissioners stated it was because the Sentinel was the lowest bid. The bid from the Tribune – which has a paid circulation of approximately 2,400 – was 25 cents per line for statutory legal notices. The Sentinel bid was 15 cents per line for statutory legals; its paid circulation is approximately 600. A full article on board appointments and other business will appear in next week’s Tribune. – Tracy Ballard