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12/7/2017 An Influx of New Neighbors
An article in the Tribune two weeks ago spelled out some good economic news for Custer County: 2017 is poised to have the strongest real estate sales activity in a decade. So far this year – the first through the third quarters – there have been 337 real estate transactions recorded. In 2016, there were a total of 363 transactions, with 100 of those occurring in the final quarter, so we’re on track to exceed those numbers. If that happens, it will be the best real estate market here since 2008 when 478 sales were tallied. The market quickly plummeted in the years following. But unique to the current market, according to real estate agents, is the high number of younger families and individuals snapping up properties. The Valley has long been a destination for retirees and semi-retirees. But today, employed individuals can often live and work anywhere, and this seems to be a driving element for the small but noticeable influx. (And we hope that helps drive expansion of broadband services in our county.) An accompanying factor is the exit of some long-time county residents who have moved to be closer to kids, to better medical care, or to warmer climes. While regrettable, these changing dynamics of our local demographics are an indication of the fluid and sometimes temporary status of our population base. Still, this recent “boomlet” in the local real estate industry is good news, certainly, for land brokers and contractors, but also for our sense of community. These newcomers, whether young or old, add to our diversity, they potentially contribute new talent and resources to our nonprofit community, they shop locally and they bring new ideas and visions to our county. If there are new neighbors in your neighborhood, drop by, say hello, and welcome them to our community. Their presence benefits us all.