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12/7/2017 County’s 2018 budget has shortfall of some $600,000
Expenditures expected to total $7.8 million The Custer County Board of County Commissioners met on Thursday, November 30, to mull the preliminary budget for 2018. Human Resources and Finance Director Dawna Hobby informed the commissioners that the county has a budget shortfall of some $604,000, with a projected budget in 2018 of $7.8 million. Causing the budget shortfall are $142,700 in the General fund, $405,730 in Road and Bridge, Capital Improvement $23,630, Insurance fund $5,050, Lodging/Tourism $30, and EMS $85,326. Human Services will be on the plus side with $7,302. The commissioners discussed reducing the proposed budget for Road and Bridge by the shortfall amount, to carry the county through 2018. If this money is removed from the budget, the monies earmarked by the mill levy will NOT be touched. Printz offered Canda and Flower the reasoning behind the excess reserve in Road and Bridge’s budget. Currently, they have in excess of $800,000. If there were years with large snowfalls, the funds needed to be in the budget, to take care of those situations. All agreed moving the money out of Road and Bridge’s proposed budget, was “kicking the can down the road,” but didn’t see any way around it. All departments have reasonable budgets and haven’t asked for anything “outrageous.” County sales taxes are up, and the local real estate market is booming. Typically, small-town economies are slower to recover. After much discussion, it was decided that if the budget requests in each department are fully funded, the Road and Bridge reserve will need to be reviewed. – Tracy Ballard