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11/9/2017 Moving Forward
One thing we can say about Tuesday’s election in Custer County – we doubt if there’s a single voter who was pleased with every outcome. It was a mixed bag of results, to be sure. We were perhaps most surprised with the overwhelming support of school ballot issue 3A which will increase property taxes in order to qualify for a substantial capital funding grant from the state. Voters apparently saw it as it was; a rare one-time opportunity. The funding will definitely move our C-1 school district into the 21st century. Then there’s the recall. Commissioners Bob Kattnig and Donna Hood were given the boot by fairly hefty margins. While we supported both, and consider both to be friends, there was the perception, fair or not, that their methods of governance were akin to bulls in a china shop. And they suffered the consequences. District 2 commissioner Jay Printz avoided the same fate, likely due to his vastly unqualified potential successor. Taking Kattnig’s seat on the Board of Commissioners will be lone contender Bill Canda. Canda comes from a prominent and old-line Valley family. He grew up here and had a distinguished military career. We’re confident that he’ll settle into the tasks of running our county quickly and with experience. Tommy Flower was victor among the three challengers hoping to replace Donna Hood. Flower taught vo-ag classes at our school for several years, and is knowledgeable about our Valley’s agricultural base. Though neither he nor Canda have held public elected positions, we think they’ll serve their constituents with fairness and reason. (Remember how we used to have a Singing Sheriff with Fred Jobe? Flower’s an accomplished cowboy poet, so now we’ll have a poetically inclined commissioner.) The best part of Tuesday’s election? That obstructionist triumvir of sore losers, Kit Shy, Sandra Attebery and John Johnston, failed in their bid to commandeer our county government. We trust they see the writing on the wall. Thank God election day is over. We hope the new board of commissioners makes a priority of bringing civility, respect, and small-town friendliness back as key assets in our fine community.