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11/9/2017 Valley rancher George Reis celebrates his 98th birthday
Friends, family and neighbors are joining together to wish life-long Valley rancher George Reis a happy 98th birthday! Mr. Reis, his wife, Zara, and other family members continue to ranch on their sprawling hay and cattle operation south of Westcliffe. Mr. Reis was born Nov. 7, 1919 in Denver. Soon after his birth, the family purchased a car to motor him home to Westcliffe. The car got stuck in a snowbank on Rosita Road, and the family was unable to extricate the car until the snow melted in the spring. Mr. and Mrs. Reis celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary earlier this year. They were married on July 29, 1951 on the former Benson Ranch south of Westcliffe. Even at age 98, Mr. Reis continues to remain active on the ranch. He travels by four-wheeler to check his cows, and he uses a handheld hoe to weed the garden. When his sons and grandsons are branding or sorting cows in the corral, heís there to supervise. When not working, Mr. Reis likes to watch the Mollie B Polka Party on RFD-TV on Saturday nights; he is an avid reader of various farm and ranch magazines, and he enjoys an afternoon nap while sitting in his pickup truck, where he tosses out birdseed and enjoys watching the birds feed. The Reises have three sons and a daughter: Wayne Reis, David and wife Karel Reis, and Byron and wife Kathy Reis, all of the Wet Mountain Valley, and daughter Lavina Reis of Aurora. Additionally, they have three grandsons: Christopher Reis and wife Kate of Pueblo; Adam Reis and wife Tricia of Westcliffe; and Brian Reis and wife Katy of Wellington. Best wishes to George Reis on his 98th birthday!