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10/12/2017 Public welcomes new Library Director
Former New Yorker knows libraries as people-oriented Monday’s first seasonal snow did not dampen the warm reception for new West Custer County Library Director Sean Beharry. In an opportunity also to bid former Director Amy Moulton a fond farewell, Library Board of Trustees, Library staff, and community members gathered in the Library’s Community Room that snowy afternoon to welcome Beharry to the Valley and to the Library. He brings with him a wealth of experience, and a growing love and commitment to the area. Beharry earned his Master of Library Science degree at Queens College, New York City, and initially served as a librarian for a research organization, where, he notes, “I learned how a librarian is really people-oriented!” Through a New York friend who had moved to Gardner, he became acquainted with the area, and like so many long time and newer residents, was immediately attracted to the Valley. When a position became available in the John C. Fremont Library District in Florence, Beharry enthusiastically applied and was hired. About a year later, he noticed the West Custer Library opening, and the happy ending of that now beginning story is that this new Silver Cliff resident is now employed as Director. Beharry is dedicated, along with his staff, to maintaining and growing the Library programs and services that make it such an important institution in the Valley. He welcomes all to the busy facility, and can be reached there in person during the Library hours, and by calling 783-9138. As for her parting words, Moulton, who has assisted in the transition period of the changing directorate at the Library, said “I am so pleased with the time I have had here, and I am so positive about the directions the Library is going; I am looking to Sean’s continuing leadership in these directions!” The Library’s rich and informative website is www.westcusterlibrary.org. And better yet, the rich and informative environment of the Library in the caring hands of Beharry and the passionate staff is just on the other side of the 209 Main Street doors in Westcliffe—open Tuesday through Saturday at 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., Saturday until 2 p.m. -W.A. Ewing