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9/14/2017 4-H kids take honors at State Fair
The Colorado State Fair wrapped up this last Monday and with the end of the show came the final results for the 24 Custer County 4-H members that took part in the 2017 State Fair. Sheyenne Shy – Scrapbooking 7th place. Alyssa Gaide –Cooking 101 no Bake Cookies 5th place, Cooking 101 Coffee cake JR 3rd place. Brooke Flynn – Photography lighting 2nd place Reserve Champion, Hiking Trails Display 4th place, Leather Craft State Fair Qualifier. Kaya Huffman – Outdoor Adventure Backpacking Jr 3rd place, Photography 8th place, Cake Decorating State Fair Qualifier. Olivia Heisig – Photography Reserve Champion. Hannah Kennedy – Cooking Unit 1 Cookies Sr Champion, Cooking Unit 2 Muffins Sr 4th Place. Andrew Flynn – Archery Display Qualifier. Cassidy Maloney –Visual Arts Qualifier. Scott Freeburg –Rocketry Unit 6 4th place, Archery Stand Alone 5th place, Shotgun qualifier, Rocket Fly Day 6th place, Sr Archery Competition 32nd place. Justice Saraceno- Entomology Int Grand Champion, 22 Rifle Stand Alone Qualifier, Shotgun Stand Along Display Qualifier, Sr Shotgun Trap 111th place. Katelyn Roberson Dog Obedience Qualifier, Dog Showmanship Qualifier, Dog Rally-Qualifier. Kyleigh Martin – Archery Stand Alone Qualifier, Vet Science Qualifier, Jr Archery Competition 26th place. Baily Sluder –Vet Science 7th Place. Kagen Sluder – Shooting Sport 22 Rifle Display Qualifier. Jolene Mullett –Clothing Construction Reserve Champion. Tyrell Stoltzfus-Shooting Sports Archery Stand Alone Qualifier, Jr Archery Competition 100th place. AJ Stoltzfus – Sr Shot gun Trap 125th place. Morgan Foster – Swine 2nd place, Swine 4th place, Swine Showmanship 6th place, Lamb 11th place. Lindsey Gilmore –Swine 2nd place, Swine 9th place, Swine 1st place, Market Lab 9th place, Lamb 6th place. Emma Rusk – Market Lab 1tt place, Lab 10th place. Kenna Ingram – Lamb11th place. Dolton Wommack –Sr Archery Competition 73rd place, Sr Shotgun Trap 126th place. Gabe Micciulla – Jr Archery Competition 91st place.