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7/13/2017 Paperwork filed to recall commissioners To get measure on ballot, backers will need hundreds of signatures
Nearly one year after the failed attempt to recall District 1 Custer County Commissioner Bob Kattnig, a second recall petition has been created to recall all three current county commissioners. The recall was filed on Monday, July 10 by Marjorie Ann Barthrop, Marjorie Ann Wilson, and Mike Haga, all of of rural Custer County. The full text of the general statement of the recall is as follows: “General statement of grounds for recall: Robert (Bob) Kattnig, Donna L. Hood and Jay D. Printz (They), have violated their oath of office to uphold the Colorado Constitution per C.R.S. Titles 24 and 30: They continue to hold closed door, executive sessions and/or secret meetings wherein county issues are discussed and policy decisions made, which are not accessible to the public. BY LAW, County Commissioners CANNOT make decisions in these executive sessions. Our Commissioners always emerge from these meetings publicly stating that no decisions were made. However, in other meetings, they reference decisions/actions made that WERE NOT made in open meetings. These ACTIONS ARE IN VIOLATION of C.R.S. Sections 24-6-401, 24-6-402 and 30-10-302. Other Issues: (1) CSU Extension Program: They: a. forced the removal of our award winning County Extension Agent, Robin Young; b. lost our State Mandated Weed Program, critical for our ranching and community areas; c. severed our long and productive relationship with CSU; and d. jeopardized our 4H programs at a critical time before competition at the County Fair. (2) Disrespect for Citizens and Employees: They: a. harass them with emotional outbursts of anger; b. lack transparency; c. lack truthfulness; and d. lost trust of citizens. The following three people comprise the committee designated to represent the signers in all matters affecting the petition: . Marjorie Ann Barthrop, 202 County Road 132, Westcliffe, Colorado 81252. Marjorie Ann Willson 202 County Road 132, Westcliffe, Colorado 81252. Mike Haga 2387 County Road 119, Westcliffe, Colorado 81252.” Custer County Clerk and Recorder Kelly Camper provided the needed number of signatures for the recall to be successful. The numbers are based on 25 percent of the last general election votes cast. Any registered voter in Custer County can sign any of the petitions. The number of signatures required is as follows: District 1, Bob Kattnig – 470 signatures. District 2, Jay Printz - 582. District 3, Donna Hood -735 signatures. Camper explained that for the recall to make the November ballot, all signatures would have to be submitted within 30 days. However, by law, the petition organizers are allowed 60 days to submit. Any submission of petition over 30 days will trigger a special election. Camper did not comment on how much such a special election would cost the county. If the required number of signatures is submitted and successful, the option to recall each of the commissioners will be listed on a ballot in the next; or special election. Voters would be given two options: those that do not want a recall would select “No.” Those in favor of a recall would vote “Yes” and then select from a list of replacements. Anyone that is registered in Custer County can run as a replacement.