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6/15/2017 Westcliffe’s postmaster Secora is moving to be near her family Today is her last day here
“I have always considered Westcliffe to be my home, and I will always return to my friends and community,” said Postmaster Kathy Secora as she announced during an interview that she was transfering to a Postmaster job in Sangatuck, Michigan to be closer to family and her grandchildren. Secora has served as postmaster here since 2012 but her roots in the Valley stretch back to the ‘70s and ‘80s. “I love my friends here but I have missed too many of my four grandkids’ baseball games and dance recitals. I want to spend time with them and it will be an adventure.” When asked if she will be taking her beloved tiny home with her, Secora laughed, “I really did want to take it, but after looking at the cost of moving it, I decided that it would not work.” But not to worry as Secora is actively seeking another tiny home to purchase. “It just makes it easier to get loaded down with stuff; where would you put an antique if you bought it!” Secora’s last day will be this Thursday and a replacement from Woodland Park will take her place as the hiring process continues for a postmaster. “I have loved working here and getting to know all of the great people here. But I will be coming back to visit.” -Jordan Hedberg