813 Wet Mountain Tribune - Page 1 - 8/21/2014
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8/21/2014 Sheriff’s office has contact with one of four bike gang members sought

One of the men who had been issued a warrant for attacking a family over July 4th weekend responded after reading the news of his impending arrest.
The unnamed suspect, who was given eleven charges on his warrant and a $50,000 bail bond, called the Custer County Sheriff’s Department on Monday, August 18.
“He had some questions about the warrant,” said Undersheriff Tony Supan. “Then he told us that he wanted to turn himself in. He stated that he wanted to walk into our department for us to arrest him.”
As of Tuesday morning, the suspect had not yet arrived.
“We know that the other three suspects are now aware of their warrants,” Undersheriff Supan said. “No arrests have been made yet, so we aren’t sure if the others are hiding.”
Undersheriff Supan stated the department has been notified of other biker gangs, such as Sons of Anarchy, that have voiced retribution against the Valiants gang. It had been the Valiants who forced the young family off Highway 69 at gunpoint and proceeded to beat up the 25-year-old father.
At the time of the attack, his 24-year-old girlfriend and their three-year-old son were harassed and terrorized through the car windows.
Though there were twelve members from the Valients gang involved in the attack, only the four have been identified.
“Biker gangs typically have an honor code,” Undersheriff Supan explained. “Sons of Anarchy and others who have spoken out are saying that the Valiants should never have done that with a three-year-old in the vehicle or even with the mother present.”
The undersheriff stated that he is not sure when the arrests for the four suspects will be made, or if another biker gang will enact justice first.
“Either way,” Undersheriff Supan said, “it has been made clear that what they did was very, very wrong. They won’t get away with it.”
– J.E. Ward

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