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Wet Mountain Tribune

James Little - Editor/Publisher

Gene LaMoy - Distribution/Operations

Carol Bribach - Art Director

Charlotte Curtis - Administrative Assistant

Sandy Jones - Bookkeeper

Cyn Williams - Reporter

Wayne Ewing - Reporter

J.E. Ward - Reporter

Chris & Lyne Tabb - Ad Directors

Little Publishing Company, Inc.

Phone: 719.783.2361
Fax: 719.783.3725

Wet Mountain Tribune
404 Main Street
P.O. Box 300
Westcliffe, CO 81252

Legal newspaper for the towns of Westcliffe and Silver Cliff and serving the towns of Augusta, Bassick, Blackburn. Blumenau, Carmargo, Cleveland, Clifton, Clinton, Colfax, Custer, Dora, Fairview, Focus, Forestdale, Gardner, Grove, Greenwood, Hillside, Ilse, Keating, Millbrook, Neeley, Querida, Rosita, San Isabel, Silver Park, Ula, Wetmore, and all other communities, real, ghostly or imagined, in Custer County and vicinity. "Our duty is to keep the universe thoroughly posted concerning murders and street fights, and balls, and theaters, and pack-trains, and churches and lectures and schoolhouse, and military affairs, and highway robberies, and Bible Societies, and haywagons, and a thousand other things which it is in the province of local reporters to keep track of and magnify into undue importance for the instruction of the readers of this great newspaper"

Mark Twain
The Virginia City Territorial Enterprise
Virginia City, Nevada Territory